Hello, I’m Olivia from Richmond Copywriting.

I specialise in website copy. So, if you want yours rewritten or you’d like a new website, you’ve come to the right place.  It’s just me at Richmond Copywriting – I don’t subcontract any of my work. However, I do know many website designers and graphic designers and can recommend one for you, depending on your needs. I’m happy to project manage the work, liaising with the designers (if using) and web developer or you may prefer to do that yourself. It all works best if we work together, I find.

I also have a keen interest in food, restaurants and menus. I’ve owned and run three food businesses in the past. I undertake menu optimisation work – getting the most out of your menu and also help to write menus. Read more about this work on the home page.

Many of my clients are not in London, Manchester or even the UK. The internet is a wonderful thing in many ways, and I don’t mind only meeting you through Skype or Zoom. Just remember I write in British English and I like to be paid in British pounds. 

 If you want a face-to-face meeting, I’m based in Manchester. 

I love working with local people. If we both have time, I do like a good natter face-to-face about your business over a cup of tea. Earl Grey, no milk.

Do give me a call or send an email. Details top right.