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Go to What’s it all about, this copy business?

What’s it all about, this copy business?

‘Copy’ is a collection of words; ‘copywriting’ is the service I provide. (Not to be confused with ‘copyright’ which is something quite different.)

Copy is just words – used in the right place, in the right order.


There are two main reasons:

• You are not very good with words  


• You are too busy with other stuff to do the writing thing


Please select from the following:

• Write (SEO-optimised) content for your website
• Rewrite your whole website or just bits of it
• Do a website copy audit and write a short report for you. (Look at your website and tell you about the bits I think need improving.)

Other choices:
White papers
Case studies (stories from satisfied customers about what you did for them.)

What can I write about? Do I have a niche?
Travel; hotels and restaurants; food and drink; real estate; education – these are topics close to my heart – but I can write about almost anything.

Why me?
I’m a trained journalist with ten years’ professional writing experience and a former secondary school English teacher, so I’ve spent years honing my skills. No fluff, no nonsense – just simple words that work.

Go to Need help with your website SEO?

Need help with your website SEO?

If the copy is for a website, it needs to get the visitor there in the first place with compelling, succinct writing and solid SEO; and hopefully keep them there, with a low bounce rate.

I’m SEO-certified and a keen user of social media, all good news if you are looking for a digital copywriter.

You should also consider a regular blog post and postings on selected social media to drive visitors to your website. I can help with that too.

Or why not ask me to do a website MOT? I’ll take a look at your website from a copy point of view and suggest ways to improve it. I’ll write a short report and send it to you.


Two ways:

1. Because you found me via a search engine or

2. You know the name Richmond Copywriting and came direct via the URL or typed that name in your search query.

You need to help both types of visitor on your website.

However you got here, I hope you like what you see and let me help you with your copywriting.

DIFFERENT TYPES OF COPY – let me explain

CONTENT CREATION is much as it sounds – creating or writing content. This is the term used to describe website copy or most digital copy. 

CONTENT MARKETING is the copy used to create a buzz around a brand.
This raising of positive brand awareness is best done in a way that is useful to your potential customers. You need to provide your targets with meaningful information that will enhance your brand and, importantly, build awareness of your brand.

For example, if you sell organic vegetables, you might want to provide reliable recipes.

You also might want to do some work with food banks, in line with your customers’ and your brand’s beliefs.

Personal information enhances the human aspect of your brand, so ‘A week in the life of a carrot farmer’ blog post could be a good move.

ADVERTISING COPY Is an area of copywriting that involves straplines, clever slogans and lots more. It’s not an area I specialise in. I am happy to edit and proofread advertisement copy, but I’m not normally involved in the initial concept creation.

Go to Fees and terms: and the boring bits

Fees and terms: and the boring bits


Not really. Anyone can type, but that’s different from writing. It can be a false economy to engage someone just because they are cheap, but I’ll leave that to you.

I’m also not the fastest worker; I spend a lot of time thinking about my approach and choice of words, maybe doing some research.

So if you want cheap and super-quick, someone to just churn something out, best give me a miss too.

The most important things are:

1. Find the right person for your job (hopefully me)
2. Know what you want


If you don’t know what you want, we will need to talk about that in our initial (free) discussion. This aspect is really important to me. I rarely take on work where we haven’t even had a brief chat. The most successful jobs are where the brief is detailed and clear. That’s why I may ask you to fill in a short questionnaire.

“It depends” is not a very helpful response to “How much, roughly?” but it really does. My pricing is transparent and you will always get a written quote before work starts.
I have a minimum charge of £150 per assignment and my day rate is around £350. Work is either calculated at a day rate (seven hours) or a project rate.

Price depends on complexity of the work; two revisions are normally included in the quoted price. VAT will be added to all invoices. Terms are 15 days. New clients are required to provide 50% of the fee upfront. Rushed jobs are normally charged at a premium.

Any other questions? Just ask.

Please email: or call +44 207 129 7451 (Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm) and I’ll arrange to discuss the work at a mutual time to suit – or we can do it all by email if you prefer.

If it’s a big job that needs a face to face, my office is right opposite Richmond Station (20 mins from London Waterloo) or I’m happy to meet elsewhere in London or within easy reach.

What I can write for you

The London website writer
If your website doesn't do its job and quickly, your potential customer will go elsewhere

Please choose from this list:


• Write website copy – digital copy should read naturally but with strong SEO awareness (just stuffing pages with key words is old hat). It should be easy to scan, as most people don't read every word.
• Rewrite website copy so it reads better
• Reinvigorate your website copy – the copy should change and evolve over time, in tune with the business; it’s not a static thing like a building
• Write lively blog posts in the correct tone of voice
• Case studies by interview. This is a popular way to show work you have done for your clients. They tell you what their problem was and how you solved it.


• Write easy to understand training manuals
• Write brochure copy
• Write product information or instructions in an informative but interesting way
• Write advertising flyers with compelling calls to action


• Devise a social media strategy and set up relevant channels: blog posts, Twitter account, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook page.

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