Blog posts for a marketing agency

Blog posts for a marketing agency

I was approached through a mutual contact and asked to do a maternity leave cover. 

The client – a marketing and SEO agency works mainly with small traders such as roofing contractors, window fitters, tree surgeons – building a website for them, optimising their site for SEO and offering a regular blog writing service.  Some businesses have a weekly blog, others just one a month. Some like to put forward their ideas, others leave us to come up with blog ideas for them. I wrote around 40 blogs. As well as a meta description, I used to supply an internal link and a call to action at the end. 

Word count was 500 words. 


Here’s a sample:


Meta description:

There are various reasons a burglar alarm is a benefit and not just the most obvious. How you can protect your home and have peace of mind, plus steps to take to keep a burglar away.

Why you should fit a burglar alarm for your home

I don’t need a burglar alarm

Is perhaps what many people think. You may live in a ‘nice’ area and feel relaxed about your security, leaving your front or back door unlocked most of the time. All this is fine until you are burgled.  Over 30% of domestic burglaries do not involve forced entry. All Billy Burglar had to do is open a door. Maybe you had left a key for him under the front mat or the flowerpot.  The burglar saw his opportunity – or was lucky – and nipped in while you were out. Burglary is usually quick – taking from a few seconds to under ten minutes. Another popular option is an open window. So, the first thing to decide before you think about a burglar alarm is that you are going to make sure your doors and windows are secure and always locked.

A burglar alarm acts as a deterrent

There is a myth that persists that it’s not worth fitting a burglar alarm to your home as everyone will ignore the alarm and the police will not come.

Whether the police attend or not is rather missing the point. One of the most useful aspects of a burglar alarm (link) is that it acts as a deterrent. When a potential thief sees your alarm, they will move on to easier pickings. They won’t bother to do any more investigating to see if you have anything worth stealing; if you have an alarm, it will put them off.

It scares a burglar off

Of course, even places with alarms get burgled occasionally; but by having an alarm, you and everyone in your neighbourhood will be alerted. At this point, many burglars will hot foot it. They set off the alarm and now want to remove themselves as far away as possible as quickly as possible. Alarms are loud and piercing and you’d need nerves of steel to start filling your swag bag. Once the alarm goes off, only the most determined burglar will continue in his quest to take your property.

It makes you feel safer

Fitting an alarm takes the anxiety out of dark nights and creaking floorboards. Not only will you feel safer, but you will also be safer as you have reduced the chances of being burgled. It’s especially unpleasant worrying about break-ins if you are of a nervous disposition, elderly and infirm and feel less able to defend yourself or are often on your own or live alone. Being able to enjoy your own home is one of the pleasures of having a burglar alarm fitted, especially if a few neighbours have been burgled and it’s made you feel anxious.

Some facts about burglaries

Most happen during the day, even though in our minds, they happen at night.

Most happen when the occupants are out.

Most burglars don’t carry a weapon and are not interested in harming anyone.


So, like Nick Ross used to say on Crimewatch “Don’t have nightmares”, but if you do want a burglar alarm fitted, you know where to come.


I worked with this client in 2021. 


“Olivia is a thoroughly professional copywriter and one that have no hesitation in recommending for any project on any subject. A blog writer who writes engaging content is hard to find but Olivia has the capability to even make double glazing and security systems interesting! Lovely to work with and able to meet tight deadlines too.”

James Litchfield, J J Solutions, June 2021



I don’t write one-off blog posts, but if you are interested in a series, I could help.


Photo credit: Nick Morrison