Get your own house in order

Last year I was in discussions with a London-based independent hotel who wanted their website rewriting and a few blog posts written.

This is exactly the sort of copywriting I do, so initially, I was interested.

But I had a look at their online reviews and didn’t like what I found. (I’m not a slave to online reviews, I know many of them are fake, but it often gives you a general feel for a place.)

Anyway, there were complaints about the hotel being dirty, of rude staff and a few other red flags. Not just one or two isolated complaints, but a pattern emerging, over a year or so.

Richmond Copywriting is not a magician

Yes, I can help to get your page up the rankings on Google with good copy.

And I can give you all sorts of tips to maximise the kerbside appeal of your website.

But if your product is substandard, there is not much I can do.

People are not stupid, they will find you out.

You really must do the best you can in all areas, otherwise, what’s the point?

Do you agree?