My top ten website fails

Are you guilty of any of these website fails?

  1. Carousel. Have you ever found a website with a carousel that goes at the right speed? Why do websites have them? To show off the skills of the designer, maybe? But, honestly, they drive me nuts. So, take them off. Only use them to collect your luggage at the airport or if you’re from the US, keep them in the fairground.
  2. A hotel website with no address details.
  3. A hotel website with no room rates.
  4. A hotel website with no room rates or booking facility.
  5. Restaurant websites with no menus. “Our menus change with the seasons” (so we can’t put one on the website) is bullshit.
  6. A website where it’s impossible to find out what the business is.
  7. A website that has got you there under false pretences because some clever clogs has fiddled the SEO.
  8. A website that bangs on about ‘solutions’ and being ‘passionate’ and all manner of blandness.
  9. A company that feels the first things you need to know about are the award-winning team, its super office in Mayfair, and their illustrious history.
  10. A website that tells you exactly what it does, simply and beautifully. As well as being a thing of great joy, a little bit of me dies inside, as I know another copywriter has got there first.