What is your word rate?

What is your word rate? or This won’t take you long 

Sorry, but I don’t work like that.

In fact, I like to write in as few words as possible, so if I worked on a word rate, I’d be shooting myself in the foot. I work on a day rate or a project rate, depending on your (the client’s) needs.

Also, I don’t like people telling me how long a piece of work will take. Only I know that.

With a project rate, I will do the work for a set price. This usually includes a couple of minor edits. It enables you (my client) to know how much a piece of work is going to cost, so helps to budget.

On the other hand, with ‘how long is a piece of string’ jobs where we don’t know how much time is involved until we have done some work, a day rate works better.

We can have a chat to see which way you prefer. Some clients do a mix and match – a project rate first and then to do some extra work (usually prompted by the project), a day rate afterward.

For small jobs, my minimum half-day fee is £150 plus VAT. (VAT is UK only) My day rate is currently £350. (More about my charges on the separate ‘Fees’ tab.)

I always send you a quotation before work starts and usually a questionnaire if it’s a larger job. I like 50% upfront if we haven’t worked together before.

Please just drop me an email with your requirements (or phone to arrange a chat) and I’ll take it from there. olivia@richmondcopywriting.com

Photo credit: Miles Storey