White Paper for recruitment startup

The client needed facts and figures about their proposed business to show a potential financial backer.

I was given a verbal rundown of the business and a 35-page document, that even for a person with industry knowledge, was far too wordy and detailed. It had also been written by several people – and it showed.

How I tackled the job

I worked with my designer to come up with a colour scheme, font and using the company’s house colour, agreed on a contrasting colour scheme. She also designed some infographics and pie charts.

I cut down the copy to 15 pages with a summary at the start.

The project was completed on time and on budget and the client was pleased.

“We recently hired Olivia to write and design our business plan whitepaper using InDesign. This was delivered on time and exactly as per our spec… I would hire Olivia (Richmond Copywriting) again without hesitation. Also, credit to the graphic designer Olivia sourced for us…”