SEO and social media

SEO is often sold as a mysterious dark art that needs a specialist team to tackle it, like it’s the enemy. You must get those scary emails all the time: ‘What about your SEO?” “Wanna be No 1 on Google?”

There are two main aspects to SEO: on page and off page. And there is organic SEO and paid SEO. There is a great deal you can do free, or at least inexpensively, to improve your chances of being found by the search engines.

The number one thing is to have compelling content that is pertinent to your brand. I can help with that.

You should consider some marketing if you want to boost your brand’s awareness, but you need to look at the whole landscape carefully and devise a strategy, rather than just throwing money into a big hole.

I’m trained in SEO, but I approach it with a copywriter’s eye. All my digital copy is informed by it.

Social media marketing

I tend not to undertake SMM (social media management) these days but I have a good understanding of it and am happy to have a chat, with suggestions if you are wanting to ‘do’ social media.