Web copy
“The single most important ingredient in a commercial website is web copy 

…no amount of cool graphics, interactive bells and whistles, cutting-edge design, or sophisticated ecommerce infrastructure could ever compare to the selling ability of compelling web copy.”   Maria Velosa  (digital marketing expert) 

Need web copy? The quick answer:

Olivia Greenway from Richmond Copywriting

Email me (olivia@richmondcopywriting.com)

“Executive Coaching is not an easy process to articulate. Olivia is a great listener and understood the best way to structure my website copy and create the key messages I wanted to communicate. I would highly recommend her.”

David Mace, David Mace Executive Coaching, June 2021

Need web copy? The long answer:

A week in the life of a business owner looking for a new website and web copy

You ask around, do a bit of googling, recover from the shock of how much it is going to cost – or at the opposite end – fret that your developer is too cheap/ too inexperienced/ just isn’t up to the job. Anyway, that box is ticked (sort of), now you have to find a copywriter. Lots of choice, how to decide? Price, experience? Does it matter particularly? Couldn’t the salespeople in the office do the words? Daniel wrote a nice press release once. How hard can it be? I’ve found one that looks OK, but she wants a meeting, and then she wants to ask 20 questions (literally) about the business. I’m not sure I can be doing with all that; I’ve spent so long on this already. Anyway, I have all the information about us that she needs. Can’t she just get on with it?

The Richmond Copywriting web copy approach

I want your website to be unique and reflect you and your business in its best light.

I work with graphic designers and website developers and am happy to recommend ones that I know you will love.

If your only consideration is price, don’t choose me.

If you are not prepared to sit down with me (face to face, Zoom or by phone) and talk through your business, I can’t get a true handle on it and I can’t write bespoke web copy.

Send me a quick email and let’s get the ball rolling. 

Why me? I thought of seven reasons …

*Someone with over fifteen years’ experience who is paid to write every day

*Someone who has trained in SEO but is not a slave to it

*Someone who is familiar with social media and the importance of blogging

*Someone who knows about customer psychology, marketing, branding, tone of voice and the digital space

*Someone who will look under the bonnet of your business and get to know it almost as well as you do

*Someone who has run several successful small businesses in the past (and one failure), so ‘gets’ it

*Someone friendly and approachable

Well, hello there.

What your website visitors want

People don’t care how long you have been in business, what fancy pants certificates you have, how wonderful your office is, and which household names you have worked with.

Not initially, anyway.

They want to know WIIFM (what’s in it for me?)

But is she any good?

Still not tempted/convinced/raring to go?

I’m rubbish at asking for testimonials and envy my colleagues who seem to collect them effortlessly. Read mine here:

Web copy I can write for you

I will help you with your web copy, so it’s loved by both search engines and your customers. We will cut out all the unnecessary noise (and carousels) and have a clean, informative website you will be proud of with words that work.

✅  If you want web copy from scratch, I can do that.

✅  If you want your site overhauled and web copy rewritten, I can do that too.

✅  I can also do a web copy overhaul (MOT) where I’ll tell you what I think is meh and what is the top bananas.

✅  I can sometimes help with blog writing for your website, depending on my workload.