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What a shame ghostwriting doesn’t mean I get paid to jump out at people from behind a tree with a notepad and pen in hand.

Ghostwriting is when you want someone to write something as if you have. Celebrities often use a ghostwriter to write their autobiography (usually because they can’t write well or are too busy). But many businesses use ghostwriters for all sorts of reasons.

Examples of ghostwriting I can offer:

✅ LinkedIn posts and updates

✅ Blog posts written by the CEO (nudge nudge)

✅ Thought leadership pieces (often interview prior, then write the copy)

✅ White paper for funding or similar



An interview with a senior (or even junior) member of your team could throw up some interesting information that we could use to help to raise awareness of your brand or reinforce it.

This is especially useful for more traditional companies perceived as stuffy or boring. Companies need stories, to show their individuality.

What do you do that is really different? Talk to me about it. Let me write it. And then let’s tell everyone. If it’s been key to your success, we could throw in a testimonial. 

✅ I can help you with interviews

Case studies

Your customer had a ‘pain point’ and the case study details how you solved their problem for them. Customers identify with real-life examples.

Case study examples:

  1. A local builder had a customer who wanted to upgrade her kitchen but couldn’t afford a brand new one. He persuaded her to have new kitchen doors instead. It only cost the customer £500 for the doors, plus his labour. The customer is delighted. I write this up as a case study (with quotes) and he puts it on his website.
  2. Primrose Designs will paint a picture of your house or home from a photograph. They had a customer who ordered one for her mother for her birthday. Her mother is housebound and it’s hard to find something unusual that she will like. She was so pleased, she is telling all her friends. Primrose Designs will get me to write up the case study and then put it on the website, maybe with quotes from the mother and the daughter.

✅ I can help you with case studies