My most popular page isn’t what I thought



I’ve been looking at my Google Analytics for my website and an interesting thing is the most popular page after my landing page. It’s not one of my carefully crafted blog posts or the scintillating page about web copy. No, it’s my copywriting Fees page.

Are you nosy?

Well I knew I was to be honest. Although I prefer to call it interested. I’m interested in a lot of things – call it nosy if you like. I suppose it’s my training as a journalist, I’m always looking for a story and wanting to know why and where and what and how much.

Do you let people know what your fees are?

This caused a lot of discussion in a copywriter group about a year ago. Don’t let people know what you charge, was the consensus. Why not I asked? Because you might be too cheap, and you could have charged more. And commercial rates will be a lot higher than work you are doing for a one-man band, so wait and see. Also, do you really want your competitors to know what you charge? They’ll just go on your site for a nosy.

Why I have my fees on my website

Of course, I ignored them. It’s my website and if I were looking for something, I’d at least want to know a ballpark figure. Only last month I went back and forth with a glass supplier about a custom window light in my flat. If he had just had ‘prices from £2,000’ on his website, I needn’t have bothered to pick up the phone and it would have saved both of us wasted emails back and forth.

I don’t get tyre kickers now. People know what I charge, roughly and I like that. Being coy about your prices is not me.


Do you have prices on your site?

Do you think it depends on your industry?

Do you have strong feelings one way or the other?


Please let me know in the comments.


Image credit: Giorgio Trovato